数据中心虚拟化增加了威胁横向传播的风险。 Check Point CloudGuard 在虚拟数据中心提供动态私有云安全,防止威胁的横向传播,同时加强跨物理和虚拟网络的可见性及管理。

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与领先的虚拟机管理程序及来自 VMware、Cisco、Open Stack、Microsoft 等公司的私有云解决方案相集成,可以实现在整个虚拟数据中心自动插入和编排私有云安全。

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保护混合云和 SDDC 的安全

下载白皮书,并观看 Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) 分析师 Jon Oltsik 的网络研讨会重播,可以了解:

  • 组织在将资产和数据转移到云端时面临的挑战
  • 保护云端网络的安全最佳实践
  • Check Point 如何无缝扩展高级、敏捷的安全功能,以保护云环境

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Check Point CloudGuard IaaS private cloud security provides the same industry-leading threat protections safeguarding customer physical networks in a package optimized for the dynamic and automated nature of private cloud datacenters. Easily prevent the lateral spread of threats in software-defined datacenters (SDDCs) with multi-layered protections including:

Check Point CloudGuard IaaS leverages the automation framework of private cloud solutions for the dynamic insertion, distribution and orchestration of advanced security within private cloud datacenters. This enhances native micro-segmentation capabilities to deliver advanced private cloud security services wherever needed. In the event of a breach of a single node or segment of the network, the threat is easily contained and isolated.

Security management is simplified with centralized configuration and monitoring of all physical and virtual security instances. In private cloud datacenters, there is often a need to integrate different systems that manage the security workflow. Also, repetitive manual tasks must now be automated to streamline security operations. Check Point CloudGuard IaaS security management API allows for granular privilege controls, so that edit privileges can be scoped down to a specific rule or object within the policy, restricting what an automated task or integration can access and change. This ability to perform trusted connections provides private cloud security teams with the confidence to automate the entire security workflow and ensures the right level of protection is applied across each network segment.

Context sharing between Check Point CloudGuard IaaS and leading SDN controllers solutions ensures that security groups, end-point groups, VM identities and more are easily imported and reused within Check Point security policies. This reduces security policy creation time from minutes to seconds. What more, context-awareness is maintained so that any changes or new additions to the virtual infrastructure are automatically absorbed by Check Point CloudGuard. This makes it possible for private cloud security protections to be enforced on virtual applications regardless of where they are created or located.

Virtual workload traffic is logged and can be easily viewed within the same dashboard as physical network logs. Security reports specific to virtual workload traffic as well as complete threat analysis can be generated to track private cloud security compliance across the entire distributed enterprise network – from physical and virtual environments to hybrid clouds.

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Cisco ACI

与Cisco ACI 集成的 Check Point CloudGuard 支持在下一代数据中心中快速、安全地部署应用程序。 CloudGuard 整合最全面的威胁防护安全保护与完整的跨物理和虚拟环境的可见性与控制功能,从而降低私有云安全保护的成本和复杂性。

解决方案简介| 参考架构| SMARTCONSOLE 与 CISCO ACI 集成
解决方案介绍网络研讨会| 部署网络研讨会|联系销售人员

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VMware NSX

用于 VMware NSX 安全保护的 Check Point CloudGuard 提供多层防御,保护 VMware 所部署数据中心内的东-西向流量。 它在虚拟机管理程序级别和虚拟机之间以透明的方式执行安全,自动隔离受感染的机器并对其进行补救,并为虚拟网络流量趋势与威胁提供全面的可见性。

免费试用 | 联系销售人员 | 解决方案简介| 支持NSX-T v2.4| 解决方案概述
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CloudGuard IaaS supports OpenStack


Check Point CloudGuard 为 OpenStack 云环境提供自动化且灵活的安全性。 通过对情景安全策略管理的一键配置与元数据支持,CloudGuard 提供了私有云安全保护与管理的最佳产品组合,因此您的组织便可专注于构建动态云环境。

解决方案简介 | OPENSTACK 社区| R80.10 安全指南| 联系销售人员

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Check Point CloudGuard Network Security 为 Nutanix 超融合基础设施 (HCI) 提供自动化且敏捷的威胁防护,同时提供跨物理数据中心的全面威胁可见性,执行情景化安全策略,并为 Nutanix HCI 环境提供最全面的安全解决方案。

概述 | 解决方案简介 | 联系销售人员

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Check Point CloudGuard 虚拟版 (VE) 安全网关通过使用业界领先的高级威胁防护安全保护来实现对虚拟机 (VM) 及应用程序的保护,防止动态虚拟化环境遭受内部和外部威胁。 CloudGuard VE 与 VMware ESX、Microsoft Hyper-V 和 KVM 等领先的虚拟机监控程序无缝集成。

解决方案简介 | 客户案例| VMWARE ESXI 性能规格手册 | 联系销售人员



  • 当前环境面临的云端挑战及风险
  • 分析云攻击及其预防方法
  • Check Point CloudGuard(前称 vSEC)、客户用例及成功案例概述

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