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BH Telecom Consolidates their Security in the Cloud

CloudGuard Network Security was easy to purchase, implement and simple to use. It enabled us to bring everything together in just one solution. We rely heavily on Check Point and see it as a thought leader in the security space.”

-Edina Muminovic, Head of Service Integration and Security, BH Telecom

BH Telecom is the leading telecoms operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing high quality, state-of-the-art telecommunications services. Around one in three Bosnians are BH Telecom customers; the company is also a service provider to the country’s SME sector.

Strengthening security with digital transformation

BH Telecom is a market leader acting like a disruptor. The business, which holds 46.98% share of Bosnia’s mobile telecoms market, is in the process of transforming its digital landscape. The company’s future vision is to provide a range of cloud, digital and data services to its customers.

“Security is hugely important to us,” says Edina Muminovic, Head of Service Integration and Security at BH Telecom. “We need to protect our own services, and want to offer security- as-a-service to our customers.”

As the market leader, BH Telecom is continuously working towards securing its ICT service offerings. It’s imperative for the business to future-proof its security position across its data center in order to ensure business continuity and to retain the trust of its customers. In addition, BH Telecom needed to work with one vendor who could simplify its security management and clarify the company’s security roadmap.

A single platform for all security requirements

The Check Point CloudGuard solutions deliver consistent and complete cloud security for virtualized data centers to SDN, IaaS and SaaS applications, providing protection from emerging threats of account takeover. The CloudGuard portfolio seamlessly integrates with the largest number of cloud platforms and cloud-based applications, giving BH Telecom the freedom to choose the cloud solution that best aligns with its goals, without sacrificing the company’s security.

Check Point CloudGuard Network Security delivers advanced, multi-layered security for public and private cloud environments. The solution protects BH Telecom’s assets in the cloud from attacks while enabling their customers to securely connect from their enterprise networks to the cloud.

EMC, a local Check Point partner and long-time technology provider to BH Telecom, worked alongside Check Point to implement the CloudGuard Network Security solution. The decision to purchase Check Point CloudGuard Network Security was made after a public tender and a PoC involving Check Point as well as other competitors in the market.

“Check Point fitted perfectly with our VMware environment and scored highly in Gartner’s security quadrant,” explains Muminovic.

Enabling Security-as-a-Service

“CloudGuard Network Security was easy to purchase, implement and simple to use,” says Muminovic. “It enabled us to bring everything together in just one solution. We rely heavily on Check Point and see it as a thought leader in the security space.”

CloudGuard Network Security strengthens BH Telecom’s security position as the business accelerates its digital transformation. BH Telecom has 20 licenses across two clusters, one for internal users, and the other for external users. Training on the solution was delivered to three BH Telecom engineers in one day.

As well as protecting the BH Telecom infrastructure, CloudGuard Network Security also allows the business to provide security-as-a-service to customers in its data center.

“CloudGuard Network Security gives us everything we need in one solution – from firewall filtering to IPS, to content filtering to antivirus,” says Muminovic. “By combining everything, we can join the dots in our service offering.”

This is crucial, Muminovic continues, because BH Telecom expects cloud services to account for an increasing part of future revenues and business development. The company sees the SME sector and government departments as potentially lucrative new markets.

“The multi-tenant feature of the Check Point solution means customers can either manage their own security in our data centers, or we can provide a managed service. It is also easy to scale as the company grows.”

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