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Laterlite cuts time spent on threat prevention management by 30% with Check Point

“Working with Check Point, we feel the technology protecting us is more evolved. We’re more efficient and proactive in how we manage our security.”
– Gianluca Falsi, IT Manager, Laterlite

Laterlite is a manufacturer of insulating products for the construction, agriculture and industrial sectors. In common with many modern manufacturing businesses, Laterlite is an increasingly complex and international operation. Headquartered in Milan, the business has factories throughout Italy, and sales offices in France, Switzerland and Spain. IT is managed centrally, coordinating production, R&D, customer services and sales operations in more than 20 countries.

The challenge for Laterlite is a familiar one for globally dispersed businesses. It needs to ensure consistency of service for a diverse workforce, spread across multiple locations. Any kind of cyber-attack could have a widespread impact on the company’s IT services.

When the company’s incumbent firewall solution was coming to end of support, it provided an opportunity to explore more advanced threat prevention solutions. “In the 20 years I’ve been here we’ve never suffered a serious attack,” says IT Manager, Gianluca Falsi. “But I recognize that security threats, and security solutions, have evolved. We want to understand exactly what’s going on with our network, and to keep threats as far away as possible.”

  • Check Point Next Generation Firewalls provide more advanced threat prevention
  • Check Point R80 Security Management enables unified policies and provides full visibility into security across all network and cloud environments
  • Pre-emptive threat prevention capabilities from Check Point SandBlast™ help improve IT performance
  • Migration to the new solution was managed by local IT partner, Sarce, who also provided additional support and training for the IT team

“Aside from the product features, what impressed me most was the Check Point philosophy. I felt we would be aligning with a company that could work with us into the future.”
– Gianluca Falsi, IT Manager, Laterlite

  • Reduces security administration time by 30%
  • Improves monitoring and management capabilities of the security infrastructure
  • Simplifies security rules and traffic analysis
  • Delivers improved bandwidth performance for users

Since implementing the Check Point solution, Falsi says the business is more efficient and confident in its threat prevention. Rules are created and set within just a few clicks, he says, and administration time has been cut by 30%.

“The key thing is that we’re now able to analyze traffic and what is happening on the network. To date, we’ve had no complaints from users, and they’re happier because network performance has improved.”

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