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Protecting Mutua Universal’s corporate mobile devices from emerging threats

“Check Point SandBlast Mobile gives us peace of mind for our corporate mobile devices.”

-Jordi Calvo, Technology Manager, Mutua Universal

Founded in 1907, Mutua Universal is a voluntary association of non-profit companies established to support the operation of the Spanish social security system. Its workforce of 1,800 provides health services and assistance to 1.3 million employees in 160,000 companies throughout Spain.

Protecting the traditional perimeter is not enough

Cybersecurity is a constant concern for Mutua Universal. In 2014, a security plan was drawn up for implementing a package of initiatives to protect against technology and cybersecurity risks. One of the initiatives, which has been under study since 2017, was the implementation of security and data-protection measures for mobile devices.

Over the last ten years, the company has used various security solutions for its perimeter as part of a multi-layered security strategy. These include innovative software such as Check Point Next Generation Firewall, which provides one of the highest levels of protection in the industry.

Mutua Universal recently decided to provide the corporate mobile devices of over 500 employees (iOS and Android tablets and smartphones) with access to corporate applications. This move is part of a range of digital transformation initiatives, some of which are based on the use of corporate mobile phones.

“The use of mobile technology has diluted the traditional concept of the security perimeter, creating a need for solutions that provide the right technology for the threats we face. The corporate digitization processes we are currently undergoing will make the situation even more critical,” explains Marc Muntañá, Cybersecurity Manager at Mutua Universal.

The new service complements others for accessing data and browsing outside the corporate perimeter. “We immediately saw the need to provide increased security for these devices, firstly to protect the devices themselves from threats on the network and secondly to avoid any problems that could have repercussions on the corporate network,” explains Josep Maria Ezcurra, IT Services Technical Manager at Mutua Universal. “We had to protect mobile devices immediately, with a simple solution that easily integrated with our other security infrastructure.”

Perfect integration and building on past experience

Mutua Universal weighed up a number of options in the market. The Technical Architecture department tested solutions from various suppliers with different devices and users for a period of four months. The trial of Check Point SandBlast Mobile was made easier by the company’s past experience in working with Check Point, resulting in the highest evaluation among the various products. Users highlighted the usability and, in technical terms, the application stood out for its easy adoption among users and its supported integration with any MDM platform, something that was not possible with all the options that were tested. “The integration with AirWatch was a decisive factor in choosing SandBlast Mobile,” remarks Dominique Pérez, Head of the Technical Architecture Department at Mutua Universal.

Quick and easy installation

After selecting SandBlast Mobile, the solution was deployed rapidly. “We had everything up and running in just one week,” remarks Dominique Pérez. “The console is extremely user-friendly and you don’t need to be an expert to manage the product. It can be installed on devices in just a few minutes, ensuring they are fully protected.”

“The market is clearly moving towards digitization, mobility and the cloud. We now have the right level of protection that allows us to be more flexible in the use of mobile devices. SandBlast Mobile allows us to detect vulnerabilities we weren’t aware of before. SandBlast Mobile gives us peace of mind in the use of our corporate mobile devices,” remarks Jordi Calvo, Technology Manager. “The integration with our MDM provides full visibility, helps us analyze what’s going on and guarantees we can respond quickly to any threats. For example, as soon as we installed SandBlast Mobile, we could see how users immediately received notifications advising them of malware threats. The experience has been extremely positive”, adds Dominique Pérez.

“Check Point has supported us from the start of the process, from pre-sales all the way through to deployment” remarks Josep Maria Ezcurra. “Check Point has gone out of its way to help us solve any problems and incidents in the selection and commissioning process.”

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