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Proxeem Defends Customers' Websites, Web Applications, APIs, and Businesses with CloudGuard AppSec

Check Point CloudGuard AppSec gives us exactly what we need to deliver enterprise-class security to our customers affordably through our solution ProxeeGuard.”
— Laurent Lachkar, CEO, Proxeem


Proxeem (https://www.proxeem.fr/proxeeguard) helps small and medium-sized businesses successfully develop and implement digital business solutions. Customers rely on Proxeem for cloud hosting, web hosting, and security services. From consulting, solution selection, and design to implementation and management—Proxeem helps businesses focus on their goals without worries about infrastructure or security.

Business Challenges

Providing and Securing Robust Business Solutions
Headquartered near Lyon, France, Proxeem enables its customers to leverage digital transformation solutions for growing and enhancing their businesses. Customers span a wide range of industries—from software, media, green energy, and healthcare to boutique agriculture, farm-to-table, and world-renowned cutlery companies. Each Proxeem customer relies on internet-facing services and web applications to generate revenue and serve their own customers effectively.

“That’s a huge challenge,” said Laurent Lachkar, CEO for Proxeem. “Our customers face the same next-generation cyber threats that large enterprises face, but without having the resources to support advanced, enterprise-level security solutions. Our goal is not only to help them run their businesses, but also to secure them through our solution ProxeeGuard.”


Good Security is Good Business
As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), Proxeem needed to protect its customers’ applications, content management systems, and APIs. The challenge is that every customer is completely different. Each has different web applications and API connections into different platforms. Proxeem needed a way to implement reliable security across its customer base without extensive customization, specialized expertise, or extra support staff.

The company partners with leading, trusted companies to deliver best-in-class solutions. As the team searched for a web application and API security solution, they tested Akamai, Check Point, Fortinet, and Imperva cloud offerings. They chose Check Point CloudGuard AppSec with Automated Web Application and API Protection (WAAP).

“To build ProxeeGuard, we chose CloudGuard AppSec for its modularity and ease of use,” said David Cancalon, CTO for Proxeem. “Its WAAP capabilities give us leading-edge protection against known and unknown cyber attacks while protecting applications in our cloud environment built on any architecture. That makes our job much easier.”

Streamlined Security Delivery
CloudGuard AppSec fits perfectly with Proxeem’s cloud-first approach to security. Customers benefit from industry-leading protection without having to purchase, install, modify, or manage infrastructure. Based on a powerful, contextual AI engine, CloudGuard AppSec learns how each application is typically used. It profiles users and application content to develop scores for each request. New, incoming requests are analyzed to assess risk according to user profiles, behavioral patterns, and typical use parameters. This approach maintains the highest standard of application security while eliminating false positives.

With CloudGuard AppSec, Proxeem can stop cyber criminals from attacking customers’ APIs to expose, take over, or exfiltrate sensitive data. CloudGuard AppSec also defends sites against defacing and user session hijacking. Client-side behavioral analysis discerns human vs. non-human interactions with applications to defend against automated bot attacks.

“As participants in the Check Point Early Availability Program, it was great to work directly with the Check Point team. Our clients quickly benefited from outstanding protection delivered transparently,” said David Cancalon.


Successfully Preventing Attacks
In early 2021, CloudGuard AppSec prevented a potentially catastrophic bot attack on a Proxeem customer. Originating from Russia, the attack launched thousands of automated attempts against the customer’s e-commerce website. Thanks to CloudGuard AppSec, the customer’s business never missed a beat.

“CloudGuard AppSec has been highly effective for our customers,” said David Cancalon. “In addition to bot attacks, we’ve seen attackers try to deface customer websites and cyber threats attempt to compromise APIs. CloudGuard AppSec has prevented them all.”

Delivering Meaningful Visibility
The Proxeem team also used Check Point APIs for developing a dashboard to provide customers with an overview of their security posture against cyber attacks.

“Our customers are not technicians or security experts,” said David Cancalon. “They want to understand if there are attacks, if they are blocked, and how the attacks might relate to specific events in the life of their company. The dashboard gives them the insight they need at a glance.

Providing Easy Management
CloudGuard AppSec requires no management by Proxeem customers and very little from the Proxeem team. Implementing CloudGuard AppSec for a new customer might take half a day. However, much of that time is used to survey the customer’s existing web applications and APIs for ensuring correct alignment.

“CloudGuard AppSec is ‘set it and forget it’,” said David Cancalon. “We don’t need to dedicate valuable team members to watch over the solution. It delivers industry-leading protection while freeing us to focus on new business and customer satisfaction.”

Choosing a Trusted Partner
Working with Check Point as a trusted industry leader adds value to Proxeem’s service offerings. Borrowing a well-known phrase, Proxeem customers know that when it comes to securing their businesses, they have “Check Point inside.”

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