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Telecoms Giant Telefónica Strengthens Mobile Security with Check Point Sandblast Mobile

Undoubtedly the biggest benefit has been visibility. This translates into greater confidence in the security of mobile devices, and the assurance that important corporate information is accessible, yet protected. Check Point SandBlast Mobile has very user-friendly protection.

-Pedro Pablo Peréz, CEO, ElevenPaths

Telefónica Group
Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world by market size and number of customers, supported by a comprehensive offering and the quality of connectivity provided by the best fixed, mobile and broadband networks. It is a growing company that offers a differential experience, based both on the values of the company itself and on a public positioning that defends the interests of the client.

Present in 21 countries and with a client base of more than 327 million connections, Telefónica has a strong presence in Spain, Europe and Latin America, where it concentrates most of its growth strategy.

Ensuring full confidence in a mobile, digital life
ElevenPaths, the global cybersecurity unit of the Telefónica Group, has the remit to act “like a start-up”, according to CEO Pedro Pablo Peréz. It is charged with creating disruptive innovation in cybersecurity that enables clients to gain more confidence in their digital activity.

For ElevenPaths, the challenge is securing clients’ assets in an increasingly interconnected environment. At the same time, the organization has to preach personal responsibility: “One of the principles of a security policy must be co- responsibility: users have to be involved in the security of their own assets,” says Peréz.

Safe mobility is a key area of focus, with unprotected mobile devices offering a backdoor to network breaches. “To complete our value proposition we wanted to evaluate the best defense solutions against mobile threats,” says Perez.

Threat detection to security, research and analysis
Check Point SandBlast Mobile is a complete mobile security solution, which covers all advanced cyber threats to mobile devices, with the highest threat catch rate in the market. It can also be integrated with leading enterprise mobility management solutions (EMMs).

“During the evaluation process, we realized that SandBlast Mobile and Tacyt, our mobile threat cyber intelligence tool, were perfectly compatible,” explains Perez. “This gives our Security Operations Center (SOC) experts a joint and intuitive solution to move from threat detection to response, research and analysis.”

In addition, ElevenPaths is a Check Point Mobility Technology Partner. Its security analysts have been trained and certified to offer and manage the SandBlast Mobile solution to clients.

“We value Check Point’s expertise, support and long track record,” says Perez.

Greater visibility of threat landscape
Implementation and ongoing management has been straightforward. The solution is in place for 170 iOS and Android users and is available as a service to all Telefónica clients.

“Undoubtedly the biggest benefit has been visibility,” says Perez. “This translate sinto greater confidence in the security of mobile devices, and the assurance that important corporate information is accessible yet protected. It is very user-friendly protection.”

Perez explains that management of the service does not involve a high workload, but that the greatest level of activity is concentrated on the analysis and investigation of suspicious situations which they can easily monitor with the solution.

“SandBlast Mobile is able to prevent and detect advanced attacks from mobile devices. Its intelligence and visibility in real-time, on various types of threats, as well as its integration and usability with leading EMM solutions, are its differential factors and make it the perfect complement to Tacyt,” concludes Perez.

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